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Originally posted by ca

As for testing, Kat, not to sound like a broken record but ask at the dojo you join. Since you seem to have a fair amount of experience in karate, and have had several different sensei and dojos, then you must know that can vary from sensei to sensei. Some test those they want, when they want. Others only if it is requested. Just ask when you join a dojo, nothing that you read here matters, it is what your sensei tells you. You must realize this from all your previous experience.
Uh oh I had better clear this up. I never meant to imply that I had alot of experience in karate because I definitly don't.
I joined at the end of January 1995 and my sensei moved about three months later. Right after my first grading I believe. The sensei that he had asked to take over his dojo invited us to go to his sensei's dojo if we wanted to get in extra classes. So I was really lucky that summer, I got to train 4-5 times a week (our dojo only had classes twice a week) and I got to go to a seminar. Anyway my husband and I moved down here in november of the same year! We kept up training on our own for a couple of years. Whenever we visited home we would go to our dojo. Eventually we slacked off on training and eventually stopped altogether.
Well that was a rather long winded way for me to say that I actually had less than a year!
Anyway that is how I had three senseis. Lucky me they were all wonderful! My husband was in it for about four years I think. That is how we met. I joined the dojo and it was love at first punch!
I will of course ask the sensei of this dojo all these questions but I just wanted other peoples opinions so I could have an idea if what he says is "normal". I hate that word but I couldn't think of a better one.Besides I am curious right now and I am not at the dojo!
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