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Re: Internal strength in bowling, fencing, golf, etc.

The difference between what I do and probably what a tai chi school does is that I train in primarily these days in an environment of aliveness, non-compliance, or whatever you want to call it....not within the confines of "DO" per se. So in the respect, I don't need to be too concerned about if what I am teaching is correct, I have immediate feedback from the people I am working to tell me that...not a theorectical or solely principle based practice.

Albeit you do work with people of diffrerent skill levels and you still need to be cognizant that people will feed you inappropriate responses even in that of the guys I train with does this alot.

This environment, MMA, allows us to explore freely what works and does not work for us...our main concern is effectiveness so much different in this can freely explore what you know about kokyu, nikkyo or what not...if it works great, if not, then you know that you either need to ditch it, or find someone that can show you where you are wrong.

It is not as critical as say in an aikido dojo where it is pretty much necessary to have proper guidance or instruction in these things as if you don't you are essentially wasting your time or being filled full of crap that you really don't know works.

Two schools or methodolgies of thought.

I am not confined by the hiearchies or societial pressure of an aikido organization to were I keep my mouth shut and remain "compliant" either willfully or out of shear ignorance because I have only been exposed to a limited spectrum within the martial I completely can appreciate your perspective to a degree.

That said, I have respect for those within these organizations, on of which I have been affiliated with, ASU, of which one of our shihan you apparently hold in regard in some capacity. I do feel it is possible to be respectful, train with them, and work without disrupting the flow, learn and do my own thing outside of this organization. However, rude is rude, arrogance is arrogance, and I know it when I see it...just like kokyu!

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