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Re: The internal 'how to' thread... let's hope

Mike Haft wrote: View Post
I've found it, like you I suspect, quite ironic that discussions about the founders internal skills which are what made him so noteworthy as a martial artist IMO are in the 'non-aikido martial traditions forum'. For now I think that's where they should stay for the sake of maintaining aikiweb as the pleasant place it has always been. What I find even more ironic and always have done is that people are looking outside of aikido for something that as far as I'm aware is still inside it. People would rather go to Tai Chi teachers to learn this stuff than to the guys who are students of the founders chief instructor.... politics.
I just laughed and sent messages to a bunch of people to go look. It basically just confirms the point that there is a perspective badly awry in Aikido among many people. Even more strangely, it implies that Ikeda Sensei is probably not a good judge of what is or is not in Aikido, since he's bringing in an outsider to teach "kokyu" at workshops.

There's a more subtle discussion of these topics on other forums that avoids the politics, so I tend to spend more time there. I think the people in Aikido who are actively attempting to collect useful information for their Aikido have already begun to do so. Most of the others will go back to sleep as soon as the noise dies down.


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