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Re: Internal strength in bowling, fencing, golf, etc.

Sure at a certain level of understanding I teach the concept of kokyu. It is important. Do I have room for deeper understanding? Can I demonstrate it adequately in an aikido context, not really...that is why I study aikido with people I consider more competent in this area other than myself. It is why I would consider being open to studying with the you Rob, or someone like Dan when I have the opportunity.

How much time do I spend on teaching kokyu? very little to be honest..very little as it is not the core of my practice to work on MMA type stuff. Having been exposed to it through Saotome Sensei, Ikeda sensei, and many of his senior students, I appreciate it enough to at least spend some time on it.

What is wrong with that? Given that I work in an alive/non-compliant environment pretty much exclusively it doesn't pose too much of an issue because either something works or it doesn't in this methodology, and aliveness keeps things honest and gives me an avenue to explore things I am attempting to understand.

Would I go to Jimmy Sorrentino's dojo and teach kokyu or proceed to show my fellow students anything concerning kokyu..not at all, because that is a different environment and I have much to learn in this context as there are people that are much better at these things there than I.

Nikkyo, interesting you bring that up. In my MMA context I have pretty much dismissed it as being useful. Why is that? It does not work for me. Maybe this in and of itself demonstrates my inability to understand Jin. Good point. This should demonstrate to you the level of honesty and scenarity of have concerning this. At least I am not deluded (as I once was) in thinking that what I was doing in my aikido practice would actually work for me.

This does not imply that nikkyo is worthless, only my own limitations possibly to understanding it.

So I would agree there are levels of Jin or Kokyu, and given the enviornment that I currently work in, it is not an issue as I have very measureable criteria to determine if what I am doing works or does not work. It allows me to stay honest with myself and the others I work with.

Given the fact that I am turning 42 and work with guys that are in top shape and I can move most of them around fairlly effortlessly with very little actually speed and demonstrate a fair amount of "dead/grounded weight"...must count for something. Most of the guys I train with say they feel like they are trying to move a refrigerator when they are working with me, what does that mean? Don't care if you answer for me it is unimportant what you think about me or my skills. I am here to learn what I can learn and contribute what I can contribute, which is all i can do based on my own personal experiences.

Not saying it is or is not what you are doing. If you say it is not what you are doing because I don't describe things the way that would demonstrate that what I discuss is Jin..I accept that as it is more than just you that is saying it...and I will accept that until I feel it for myself. Got it.

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