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Re: The internal 'how to' thread... let's hope

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Oh please. If you know these things, really know them, you could have posted in all the many threads on how they are done. Your questions alone would show that you know them. No one said you "don't know anything".... let's don't play victimhood as a distraction please.

If you already know how to do these ki and kokyu skills, why don't you explain the "how to" in this thread? There are many readers (a lot of them lurkers) who have some degree of these skills and who can spot who knows and who doesn't know, just by what is posted. It's a fun sideline game.


Mike Sigman
The thing is, I think in this case Kevin was just commenting on how "natural", "instinctive" and "efficient" movement are not the same, not necessarily suggesting that what he does is the same thing you do. He was attempting to contribute to the semantic discussion, based on his own experiences. I suppose one could say it wasn't really on-topic in a thread entitled "The internal 'how to' thread", but that's a different argument, and probably not one really worse pursuing.

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