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Re: Internal strength in bowling, fencing, golf, etc.

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
1. I have never said I understood anything about what you are doing.
Sure... you've said you teach ki and kokyu to your students. That raises a problem because the subject we're talking about (Ushiro, Tohei, Dan, Rob, Abe Sensei, me, and many others) is called "ki" and "kokyu". That presents a big problem because you don't understand what we're saying yet you claim in your posts that you teach it. Do you see the problem from that perspective?
Is it not possible for me to understand ANYTHING martially?
Rule #1: Do NOT leave any openings for Mike Sigman to make smart-ass one-liners: he cannot resist them.

Let's take one tiny example and look at it, even though the one example doesn't cover the whole topic of the problem. Let's say nikkyo.

I can go to various dojo's and be shown "nikkyo" and as a "joint lock" it is fine and it "works martially". Some people will immediately jump into the discussion with "timing" and "from your center" and "stand in this angle to apply it" and "how to use it in a bar fight or combat with the enemy" and so on. All of that is fine and is "martial" and different people have different takes on it. AND it works! So therefore, they all "know nikkyo". I admit they can do nikkyo, but it's not really a version (by most people) that O-Sensei or any other skilled Asian martial artist is going to concur with as being correct if jin is not being used to do it. And there are degrees of jin. You don't have any really impressive jin power until your "middle" is extremely powerful. Your middle isn't going to be extremely powerful and connected out to your arms and legs until your "ki" is developed with breath, intent, stretches, and etc.

If you knew ki and kokyu skills, you'd have already known this and used it as a caveat, part of an explanation, etc. No one is "doing ki and kokyu skills but doesn't know they're doing them" or "didn't recognize the descriptions".

Can you "do things martially"? I have no doubt. I'll bet you're a great fighter. So was Ueshiba. But he's dead, so he can't kick butt anymore. His art is what we're talking about, though.


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