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Hi all how do u all do??

rob can I say I feall ur pain in a small way... I used to take another martial art called tang wei no we did not drink tango all day and punched each other. it was a bunch of mixes of martrial arts. it is rare in the us and very efficent but let us just say Aikido was part of the "SyStem" anyhow I trained for 3 years there till I had to move here in california. I was mad. i lost my friends ( still have a hard time making them becuase I am deaf and I mainstreamed and I used to be in the school for the deaf and blind) anyhow I lost tang wei. so I took up the baggpipes for abotu a year It was fun. then after about 2 years I found an Aikido dojo. I was right at home with the falling and tombling but the throws where a different language and my balance is not all that good.. anyhow I am (hopefully) gonne go for my 6 kyu test this december! but my first days was almost a very bad rebirth excspeccily with teh big ego i have ( I am learning to keep taht at bay) and not so good hearing. but dont give up the rewards are more than u can imagin. for each person the reward is diffreant depending what they accoplish. like me my balance is better and I have out of school friends
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