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My experience is that most aikido clubs where I live are very inclusive and do not restrict their students from visiting other dojos. Certainly the senseis that I have trained under encourage visiting and training at other dojos to broaden an aikidoka's experience and technique.

There are regular friendship seminars where aikidoka from different "styles" attend to share techniques and to socialise. One of the dojos I train at (I train regularly at two but they're both aikikai) invites senseis from different dojos to train and share techniques. Recently we had some people form the local Kokikai dojo attend. It was a very enlightening training session.

Personally, I trained with yosheikan and yoshinkan aikidoka and have left feeling that I had learned something new and different. A good feeling

Assuming that the dojo that you choose and other dojos that you choose to visit are accommodating and inclusive, I think there's a lot to be gained from cross training in other aikido dojos. You may wish to stick with one dojo for a while to get use to the basics first before branching out to other dojos.

As for the dojos in your area, there's a lot that has already been said on this thread that I wont repeat.

All the best for your search for a aikido dojo and practice.

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