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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

Don Magee wrote: View Post
However as far as I know there are no internal specialists competing at the top level of MMA, so to say internal skills will hep MMA fighters is speculation until proven.
One thing that's always struck me...
actually let me just rip a quote from Sagawa first
" All of you only wish to learn from me. None of you desire to actually innovate on your own. So you end up only repeating what you have learned. There is no way you will improve at that rate! Even I didn’t understand how things worked when I was young. But that changed little by little. These days people think they can get better by having things spoon fed to them, and this is why they are no good."

On the odd occasion that I completely pwn some non-japanese bjjer, a lot of the times I'll get a "what are you doing, you feel different" type reaction. At which point I'm more than happy to give a couple quick demos to show what I do, and maybe point out something I think can help their game. At whcih point a bunch of the other non-japanese grapplers get up with the "damn I want to feel for myself" attitude.
Putting aside the fact that most of them quit as soon as I subject them to a couple of the basic exercises, what's funny is to watch the Japanese BJJers standing on the sidelines, arms crossed, pretending not to watch us, but watching us at the same time with "SKEPTIC" printed on their foreheads...but they never jump in. Not unless someone prods them to do so.
At least the non-japanese guys are like "show me!"

And is it any wonder that most Japanese fighters suck and are playing catchup??
Actually it doesn't apply to just Japanese fighters.
My point being is, if you wait till someone else to "proves" if it works it'll be too late.
A lot of this internal stuff requires so much self experimentation that anyone with the "well it hasn't been proven in the ring yet" attitude gets left behind.

I don't think its any coincidence that Sudo Genki ended up going to Okinawa to learn from some Uechi guys cuz he felt they had something he didn't
(Sudo Genki is considered "weird" by Japanese standards btw)

Sorry for the rant, and Don it wasn't particularly directed at you, just thought I'd put that out in the open
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