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Re: Internal strength in bowling, fencing, golf, etc.

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Thanks Mike, so you are saying that it is possible say in an arm Wrestling venue, where things appear to be fairly well isoloated from the hip movement/ground...that Jin is still in use.

I would not venture to say that you could "see" this...I think this would be very silly as it would simply look like arm wrestling with the other guy tanking it!

Thanks for the reply.
Exactly. Kuroda's demonstration of jin is cute (very clever), but someone with jin skills sees what he's doing right away. The next step, for someone watching who does jin skills, is to say to himself, "Hmmmmm ... I never tried that variation. I'll give it a shot". If they can't do it, they know "here's another one I've got to practice.".

Same with Ueshiba's jo-trick. It's a "good one" (even though he never fully pulls it off in the videos we can see). Still, the jo-trick is such a stretch that anyone with jin skills (actually that one takes very good jin skills and well-trained ki to pull off, if it can ever really be pulled off) would automatically think, "Hmmmmmm.... heck, Ueshiba must have really trained his skills to a high level".

These are body-skills, Kevin. Without going back through them, you've heard how they make someone difficult to throw, how it gives a lot of power for short releases, how it conveys power in an unusual way out to the hands, feet, etc. There are variations that are *very* clever. The Chinese refer to these variations as the "19 types of jin" and that sort of stuff... but they all come from the one jin.


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