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Re: Internal strength in bowling, fencing, golf, etc.

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
I am curious as to how maybe Rob, Mike or Dan would interpret Arm Wrestling and venture to say how they would see someone that had a greater understanding of internal skills seeing them apply to a game/sport like arm wrestling. Can it apply, or is the parameters so constrained that it would preclude the use of internal skills as they define them?
But see, this is just another example of the constant round and round, re-visiting the same topics over and over that I get tired of. I posted the URL of the videoclip of Kuroda Sensei doing techniques and at the end showing 2 "ki" examples, one of which was a version of arm-wrestling. Another example (note that I'm trying to keep these anecdotes far removed from anything that I am attesting to) that I can think of was Lee Scheele (studies Wu style with Tony Ho in Orange County) mentioning an anecdote (note: Lee wasn't there and is only repeating what his teacher *told* him and Lee tends to be very worshipful of his teacher) where his teacher arm-wrestled a guy and used jin to defeat him.

I think an interesting side note I see to a lot of these discussions is that the Asians tend to keep things secret and NOT show them publicly (a good habit if you have a tradition of protecting your martial skills from public exposure so people can't figure how to defeat those techniques).... yet a lot of westerners jump up and say "If he's so good, why hasn't he entered a UFC competition and kicked butt". They can't imagine someone not strutting his stuff and kicking butt, bragging about it in public, demo'ing it, etc. It's a marked difference in approach and perhaps a little bit of arrogance when you loudly assume anyone worth his salt would do it your way.


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