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Re: Internal strength in bowling, fencing, golf, etc.

Sorry didn't catch that tongue in cheek.

It is so hard to have these "feeling" conversations on the internet.

I am not so certain his demand for demonstration is unreasonable given much of the conversation that has taken place over the years on the internet and some of the claims and things that have been illuded to here.

However, I do understand and agree that the success of a particular methodology may not be so readily visible.

For instance, I am an upper blue belt in BJJ. How do I know this, one I was promoted by a black belt to blue belt, second, and more importantly I went to a few tournaments, one was a top ranked international tournament and competed successfully with those of the same rank. Lastly, I have a few students of other arts and people that seem to keep coming back to train with me.

Now, ask me how much BJJ experience I have in an actual BJJ dojo. You would be suprised at how little I have actually done compared to my rank level.

So, where did I learn all this? I will tell you it was through my years of aikido training of developing a sound base in principles coupled with about 18 months worth of training with various people in BJJ of and on.

My aikido training allowed me to surpass many of the people I was studying with, even though aikido does not translate directly to BJJ, and in a BJJ tournament you would see very little that would lead you to believe I EVER studied aikido.

So,. yes, I agree that methodology allows from transference of skills and lessons that apply to a wider audience.

The Methodology that Mike, Dan, and Rob are adopting and teaching could have merit and apply to a wider audience, say MMA folks for sure!

Just like my aikido methodology did.

However, just because I studied aikido, did not make me remotely successful in MMA or BJJ. Also, it would seem crazy to go and state that this mysterious art of aikido would revolutionize BJJ and has been kept a secret.

If I did that, the BJJ guys would come to an aikido dojo and call Bullcrap on aikido (like they do), and say it does not work and is a waste of time. Why? because they are judging it from a different paradigm. Same guys would ask me how I got promoted in BJJ so fast...I'd say, "because I studied aikido for so many years!"

Everyone is scratching their head "is it bullcrap of not?"

Answer is it depends on your situation and your position in a partiucular point and time.

If I would have spent the 12 years studying BJJ than Aikido, I'd be much better off in BJJ possibly than I am while there is does not draw a correalation that one methodology is additive or better than the other.

Make sense??

So, I don't think there are any great secrets macroscopically, only secrets that maybe you or I don't know about.

An analogy would be the mid 1400s when the prevailing paradigm was that the earth was flat. There were people that thought it was round for sure.

When the paradigm began to shift to a round earth it wasn't a matter of secrets or was simply that more people saw things for what they really were.

Did the new paradigm or way of looking at things change anything in the world...not really, we still build buidlings the same way, we still do everything the way we did before, we just now have a different paradigm. No secrets, nothing empricially new added to the equation, simply a new perspective on the same old subject.

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