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Re: Internal strength in bowling, fencing, golf, etc.


It is hard to tell as we don't know much about the situation in retrospect.

I just thought that arm wrestling might be a good example to try and explain internal skills to, (or not), to gain a deeper understand of the paradigm that these guys are coming from.

I also read your post on the other thread a few minutes ago. I just realized that I self bannished myself from that thread so I am going to refrain from posting on it.

However, while I am here typing.

I'd say what you wrote is what I have the most problem with, and I think it is more inline with this thread anyway.

That is...that somehow that this stuff has been a great secret that has been kept from us by a few eastern dudes and that it will some how revolutionize things.

I'd contend that performance and efficiency is known in all societies and in many sports. Guys like Tiger Woods get it. The best Pole Vaulters in the world get it.

On pole I was one back in the day when they said women could not do it, yes, I do think there are paradiqms that can be broken.

Yes, I do believe that there are methodologies for training that are innovative and it is possible that three are some eastern guys that have somethings that we can learn...maybe more efficiently and with a deeper understanding for many of us.

The things that Mike, Dan, and Rob have learned and seemingly codified may serve to assist YOU and maybe even ME in breaking down paradiqms and road blocks that we have been stumbling on for years, where aikido sensei's may have been unable to reach or tap.

I do think though, that we need to be careful about extrapolating our own shortcomings and experiences to the bigger picture and professing that because these things are so new to you, and they have helped where other people have failed...that the logic follows that it must mean that no one else understands these things and can do them.

I'd submit that the top athletes in their fields have perfected those aspects (internal) that make them successful.

Can they learn more. Apparently so, as we are constantly seeing records broken and things like females pole vaulting today...(most of that can be attributed to pole technology and the shift in paradigm concerning womens ability to develop core strength etc.).

So, i'd say that, yes, I agree that what Dan, Mike, and Rob teach can help us...I would not, at this point go so far as to say that it is any big secret, and that it will blatantly revolutionize martial arts or training...

Might it help you? Might it help me? Absolutely!

That is not to say that it would help Helio Gracie, or Rorian Gracie, or Michael they may already have developed methodologies that allow them to exploit the exact same things.

Who knows! I might be wrong!

Thanks for the conversation!

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