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Re: Poll: How often do you rely on your training partner for your safe ukemi during a

If I want my nage/tori to actually practice aikido, he needs to control me and my movement. So I have no other choice than to rely on him for my safe ukemi. Depending on the situation you can resist nage's attempts to control you, so that you have more control over your ukemi. By doing so you are resisting nage's technique for your own safety and sometimes this means not allowing any aikido to be done at all.
In reality it gets a bit more complicated. Firstly, giving up control completely is not a wise thing to do. You have to take care of yourself. Secondly, an uke should keep moving in a martial way, not be some human throwing dummy. So someone who just hands over control is not a good training partner either. Thirdly, if you are more skilled than nage, you can control your ukemi better. In this situation resisting nage's attempts at control to some degree (if done wisely) allows nage to learn something. Fourthly, if nage is much more skilled than you, you'll have no choice than to largely rely on nage for your ukemi.

But I allow nage as much control over me as I see fit, thus relying on him for my ukemi. And sometimes that means that nage does not get the chance to do any aikido at all. I just anticipate and 'dance' around them...


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