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Exclamation Re: Poll: How often do you rely on your training partner for your safe ukemi during a

Everyone is responsible for taking care of themselves, but the nage also has an obligation to look out for his uke. Training is mutual, a give and take, if you will. There have been plenty of times that I have been nage, and had an uke that was taking very good ukemi. But for some reason, be it an attention lapse or just falling a second behind, or even other trainees entering our space, the uke is not up to snuff and that is something I can always sense. Being able to sense when your uke cannot or is not ready to take a fall is a crucial part of training. You should always take care of the person that will also have to take care of you.

This is no way means that you have to train with less intensity, but that you simply need to heighten your sense of feeling and awareness. This includes your uke's presence and state of being, and your surroundings.

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