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Hi Colleen;

What we really need is an icon for shudder.

Coming from a Shodokan background nomenclature differences are a step beyond. I tend to run into rightous indignation about other things - nomenclature differences are only brought up to bolster the idea that Tomiki was a Judoka who never had a clue what Ueshiba M. was about.

Still my response, beyond different teachers different methods, is the same. This is the way we are - if you are interested stick around and maybe you'll understand why.

Originally posted by ca Peter, I'd agree that it is best to go with what you know in terms of names, but what to tell the student who is asking the names without having set foot in the dojo yet? the point I was making was about beginners who focus on 'the RIGHT way' (you know them, they wander from senior to senior holding a book published by someone in a different style, or a magaizne or internet article, demanding to know why we don't use the 'right' name). I worry when folks who haven't even found a dojo yet are wanting to know answers that a dojo should be providing. Those are the types most likely to get frustrated when they find disagreement between what they read or see in videos and see and hear on the mat.

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