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Greg Jennings
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Originally posted by Kat.C
You guys really are friendly.
Hi Kathryn! Oh, yes. This is a friendly forum. Well, till a flame war starts. But they're much rarer here than on some other forums.


Greg, you mentioned bogus titles and affiliations. This brings to mind another question. How do I check this stuff out. Hopefully without offending sensei? Which is never a good idea.
The first thing to do would be to look up the dojo on the AikiWeb dojo finder. . It may list the style of aikido and an affiliation.

Failing that, ask one of the sempai what the style of aikido is and if the dojo belongs to a larger organization. I might be an acronym, so listen sharp and write it down. One of us can probably track it down for you. There is a list of affiliations here: .


How long should one train before going to a seminar. I went to my first karate one after having graded only once so I guess I had been training for three months.
Ask your sempai or instructor. They might have their own ideas.

I trained for two years before I knew there was such a thing as a seminar. But as soon as I did, I started attending them. There just about the maximum fun allowed by law.


By the way Greg, I'm assuming Al in your dojo address stands for Alabama. I live in Canada but I have an Aunt and Uncle in alabama. They live in Trussville is that anywhere near your dojo?
Yep. Alabama. As I said somewhere "a back-woods dojo". Our metropolitan statistical area is about 300,000, but it's pretty spread out.

Trussville is about 1.5 hours away. It's an easy drive around the I-459 loop then down I-65. Be warned, if you visit, we'll nikyo you till you let us buy you dinner.

Best Regards,

Greg Jennings
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