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Originally posted by nikon
Kat: sometimes its better to find your own answers than asking them directly.(not that you can't ask them here ). What i mean is that, when you try to find your own answers, you will get more...maybe that's what your Karate Sensei was trying to do, developing a sense of ,observation? Well...for eg. During training(for me), no one asks questions, no one talks. Reason: Observe to get the answers.

That is exactly how my sensei felt. I wouldn't have asked during class that was a definite no-no but after class sensei would just say something along the lines of what you did, learning more by finding your own answers. Problem is I'm overly curious and unanswered questions just eat at me, and I'm not the patient sort. Makes for alot of frustration. I want to know the answer as soon as I have a question. My second sensei would let us ask things but if you asked too many questions he would tell you to wait till you're ready to know or he would give you the look. And if you were smart you'd be quiet.

And about the breakfalls, trust me, you will learn to love it, it might be a little difficult at the start, but once you learn the feeling of following through, you will earn your 'wings' and you will be flying soon.
I have a question on ukemi. From some responses to my other thread it sounds as if not all dojos teach beginners ukemi. What on earth do you do if you don't know how to fall properly?! Is this where the dying aspect came from?
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