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having a buddhist background all my life, given by my parents who are buddhist I have some experience with meditation, whilst I don't meditate on a regular basis I feel I know something about meditation.
In meditation we aim to be mindful, mindful of our surroundings, meditation can be done at anytime at anyplace and anything, which is one reason which I love to practice aikido. It is very easy to apply meditation when training, to just be aware and mindful of the movements.
When meditating don't try to quiten your mind or not think....instead just don't dwell on any thoughts, don't force them away just let them pass. If there is a sound, say a car driving....just be aware that it is a's hard to explain but I hope you understand what I am trying to say
After training here in sydney with my current iwama dojo I hope to maybe get to experience some aikido which is much closer to the spiritual side and I would very much like to gain some experience with zen buddhism, my parents follow tibetan buddhism.

once again just my two cents worth

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