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Mark Uttech
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Re: VOE: Training/Teaching Focuses

This is my 23rd year of practice, and it has evolved into having priorities. The late Hikisutchie Shihan once said: "When you see good aikido, you know what bad aikido is..." I have kept that in mind. My practice has veered in different directions twice; once into taiji and internal arts, and once into the study of systema. I have always looked at many different aikido 'styles' and gone to the dojos of other organizations. I have kept the buddhist approach of just going on, 'not this', 'not this'. I once learned the concept of 'the village dojo'; where every village has a dojo, a place of refuge where adults and children can be introduced to a way of learning how to be with others and be safe. Aikido practice/teaching should grow the way a tree grows.

In gassho,

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