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You guys really are friendly. Not too many people want to keep answering all the questions that I ask. Or maybe its not the answering part they have a problem with just listening to me all the time. No worries about me thinking that there is only one way to do things. My first sensei would do things one way my second another and his sensei would also be different sometimes. I guess it all depends on what you are wanting the technique to accomplish. In karate some techniques could be a block or a way to break your attackers arm for example. I learned to do it the way it was done by the particular dojo I was in. Of course a couple of times the sensei would show me one way then his jokyoshi would later correct me on my technique and have me do it differently. Never was sure what to then so I just did it according to who happened to be watching. I also learned early on never ever argue with sensei, never tell sensei his method is wrong, and never say "well in my dojo they do it this way."
By the way Colleen I never could get my belt knot to stay tight during class but at least the strings holding my gi pants on always stayed tight!
Greg, you mentioned bogus titles and affiliations. This brings to mind another question. How do I check this stuff out. Hopefully without offending sensei? Which is never a good idea.
How long should one train before going to a seminar. I went to my first karate one after having graded only once so I guess I had been training for three months. I enjoyed the seminar though it was strenous as it was originally for blackbelts but they opened it up to every rank but never changed the curriculum! Was I ever sore! It was great fun
even though I was really nervous.
I read in another thread about students asking to be graded! Do you really do this?! My sensei told us to never ask about when we would be grading next and if we did they would make us wait longer. I never wanted to know I never felt comfortable grading so I definitly didn't look forward to it. I never thought that my technique was as good as it should be to grade but it was up to sensei and I would never question him on this. My husband (though we weren't married at the time) told me my technique was good. No prejudice there eh?

By the way Greg, I'm assuming Al in your dojo address stands for Alabama. I live in Canada but I have an Aunt and Uncle in alabama. They live in Trussville
is that anywhere near your dojo?

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