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Gernot Hassenpflug
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Re: Weight-training and Ki/Kokyu

Kevin, I don't think anyone in the group of Mike, Dan, Rob and others who are training a specific skillset and change of body, has said anything about this being contrary to very basic science. The fact is, that bodies change through this practice, and the results, in terms of what is possible as a side-effect of the body change, is counter-intuitive. Western sports medicine has much evidence of how bodies change according to the excerice regime followed. Ballet pratice changes round leg cross-section into oval cross-section and allows practitioners to perform interesting and stunning displays that appear effortless on the outside, but require steel on the inside. Then, the practice of which is being spoken here, this too makes some serious changes to the body, many of them invisible on the mere surface muscles. If you want to get such changes, there is a certain way that needs to be followed to achieve it, whereas other methods do other things to the body. That's pretty much the logic of it, the other part is explaining the various levels of goals of the various levels of such practice.
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