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Re: VOE: Training/Teaching Focuses

Well, I have had a large number of teachers over the years that I have been training. Some would call this a lucky experience, whereas others, who believe that it is essential to have just one teacher, would think it unfortunate, probably because it places a heavier burden on the learner and the close relationship between teacher and student is harder to achieve.

The point is that the large number of teachers is a given in my own case, since this is the way my training history has evolved. Having had a large number of teachers, all but one of whom were direct students of Morihei Ueshiba, has strengthened my belief in the crucial importance of having one's own training regime and also of the constant monitoring of its efficacy. Even if you have one good teacher, ultimately he or she can only show and point the direction. Moreover, the importance increases as one grows older and one's physical powers decline.

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