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Originally posted by Johan Tibell
If I'm not mistaken the bo came from a broken naginata, where the h*ll the jo came from I have no idead... My guess would be from a stick... ;
Sort of, not exactly. Almost every culture in the world has used a long stick for numerous purposes, among them whacking each other.

In some koryu, the bo being taught is related intrinsically to the naginata for the reaspons you state. Others use a bo because it's an ubiquitous, easily obtained, powerful weapon.

The jo is a short, skinnier bo. In some systems, the jo training is also considered 'what happense when you break your spear/naginata etc.

Where did it come from? The stick is probably the ur-weapon. Ookook grabbed a branch one day and whacked Ugluk. Jo-jutsu was born.

The Japanese just tended to codify and catalogue almost every weapons they could imagine. There are methodologies for using everything from fans to chopsticks to sticks to swords. Some ryuha even teach how to use serving platters to distract the enemy while you draw a weapon!

Shinto Muso Ryu jo is the most widely known and probably most deeply detailed system of jo, and it's a powerful, amazing art.

Aikijo, however, probably came from Ueshiba's (albeit somewhat limited) spear training and his bayonet training. It's a tool for learning how to move and learning maai ...


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