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Re: Going to other dojos

Originally posted by Kat.C
In one of his answers to my last post Greg mentioned going to seminars and other dojos.
Which reminded me of another question I have.
Can you go to any other dojos? Should they be of the same style you are training in? Do they need to be dojos that yours is affilliated with? Can you go to any seminars or do they need to be run by senseis in your affilliation? In karate we had to ask our sensei's permission to go to other dojos. Of course they were in our organisation and one was our sensei's parent club. Does it work the same way in aikido?
My, you weren't joking when you said you were curious and always full of questions. I think that's _great_, BTW.

Mostly aikido dojo are really good about welcoming visitors from out of town. Let me tell you right now that if you ever visit my area and don't stop in to visit, I'll be irritated.

Most aikido dojo will list a "mat fee" on a per visit basis for visitors. In my experience, it's usually waived, but be prepared.

Your instructor will have his own ideas about his/her students visiting other dojo. You should ask one of the senior students (sempai...there, that term should be familiar to you) about it.

How it works here is when I'm travelling on business, I find a dojo that I want to visit and my instructor calls them and asks if I could train there while I'm in town. If there isn't enough time for that, he gives me a letter of introduction that I present when I go to the dojo after calling and asking if I can visit.

Always _ask_ and be very polite. You'll have a hard time going wrong.

Most aikido styles (I'm growing to hate that phrase), don't have competition. We do have seminars and they're almost always open to all aikidoists. I'm looking at a flyer right now that says "All Aikidoka Welcome".

But that gets back to "ask one of your sempai" about the local custom.


Greg Jennings
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