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Re: Going to other dojos

Originally posted by Kat.C
Can you go to any other dojos?

Yes. But I will qualify that statement by saying that I think you should get a solid grounding in your dojo's methodology and practice before venturing out.

THen there are sub-issues -- another dojo in the same organization? Same style? Another aikido dojo from a different lineage (Tomiki vs Ki Society vs ASU vs USAF (E/W/MAF) vs independant vs? Related Japanese jujutsu systems (Daito Ryu, et al) ... etc etc. There are lots of flavors of aikido and they all offer something to learn.

If your teacher says no, you cannot, ever, ever, for any reason, any time visit and train with another dojo, find another teacher.

Should they be of the same style you are training in? Do they need to be dojos that yours is affilliated with?

Be easier that way,, but see above. Later in your training, you will certainly find it enlightening and challenging to train in other systems and with other organizations.

Can you go to any seminars or do they need to be run by senseis in your affilliation?

See above. Get a base, then when you start venturing outside your 'comfort zone' you can learn a lot (sometimes about the very things you do at home -- never discount the value of looking at a thing through a different perspective).

In karate we had to ask our sensei's permission to go to other dojos.

Ack! I can see informing your teacher that you are going and getting his or her thoughts, but to ask permission? No way.

Of course they were in our organisation and one was our sensei's parent club. Does it work the same way in aikido?

Some aikido teachers would have it that way, but IMNSHO, it's just wrong.

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