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Re: "Blending Physical Therapy with Martial Arts"

As a doctor who regularly performs both manual medicine procedures (chiropractic) and energy-based procedures (acupuncture), I have found my aikido training to be very helpful.

While this is beyond the realm of physical therapy, it is not simply in the application of procedures that I find aikido training applicable, but also when I am taking a history or performing an examination. At those times, it is very helpful to "blend" with my patient, which often results in more information or better communications as well as improved insight into the factors which are influencing their health.

Like most chiropractic physicians, I treat many more conditions than just "bad backs," and frequently those conditions are complex and chronic, and usually poorly managed, if managed at all, by mainstream medicine. Accurate diagnosis in these cases is more complex than just examining a lab or diagnostic imaging report. So I'll take any data I can get.

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