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Were everyone of these experiences shared by the same person?
I got into a bad argument with a man. I struck him and held him with a kotegashi pin. He suggested we discuss it outside, and stupidly I followed him.
Try to get as much out of that as I did, it's really all you needed to say. Or even stop at just:
I got into a bad argument with a man. I struck him...
As for the rest of it, all fine observations, but you could get a lot more mileage out of them if you back up a bit for a larger perspective. Most of these situations you had no need to involve yourself at the moment in which you did. The occasion of the karate instructor being pinned I agree with your decision for sake of the conversation, as well as seeing to your girlfriend when two strange men claim to be advocating her interests, but even that situation should have been felt out a bit further. You could have asked them to walk with you so you could make sure she got home alright. If they don't respond favorably to your rational request it will at least give you something better to go on, instead of popping some random do-gooder in the eye.

I don't want to come off as saying you shouldn't have gotten yourself into these situations. Not all of us are monks. Thanks for sharing, even if it was anonymously.


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