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Originally posted by Kat.C

Not too confusing! You might as well be speaking a differnt language. Of course you are I suppose, these being Japanese terms but that's not what I meant. Its nothing like the terminology in karate. Except for a few words like rei and sensei.
By the way what is a shihan. Is it someone of a certain rank or is it a description like teacher?
Hi Kathryn,

The nice thing is that once you break the code, it'll be easy. Also, a lot of the dojo you go to will use very much the same terms, so it's easy to take in seminars or visit out-of-town dojo and such.

Here are a few links for you:

Here is one definition of "shihan" from the Aikido Journal Encyclopedia listed above:

Master instructor. The highest of three instructor levels instituted by the AIKIKAI HOMBU DOJO in the mid-1970s at the time of the creation of the INTERNATIONAL AIKIDO FEDERATION. Corresponds approximately to 6th degree black belt and above. The three levels are in ascending order: FUKU SHIDOIN, SHIDOIN and shihan.
"Shihan", btw, has loads of baggage associated with it.
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