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Alec Corper
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the line between experience and fixed opinions

Hello all,

I've noticed a growing trend in the last years for people with some experience to have (and voice) very strong opinions, almost to the point of strident declarations that "my answer is the only right answer". After accumulating 30 years of MA training (16 in aikido) I still consider myself a student, as well as an instructor. I value the idea of shoshin, and consider humility a necessary byproduct of correct training. I have seen, felt and teach that there is no single right way to do anything, only principles that need to be absorbed into the body. I find myself increasingly disinterested in even talking to somebody who "shouts" the same thing over and over. Most of you guys seem to stay out of many discussions, (George being a current exception) I wonder why?
regards, Alec

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