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Is training dangerous?!

I'm new to this forum and have not even started aikido yet but I hope some of you will answer a few questions I have.
My husband and I were karate students a few years back but we moved and the only dojo nearby did competions. Not what we wanted.
We have missed training and we now feel that we are in a position to start up again. I would like to do aikido though. I had a tiny bit of exposure to it at a karate camp one time. The sensei demonstrated a breakfall and the we lined up and he pushed us so we fell backwards and slapped our arm on the mat. I guess the slapping part was to soften the fall? I wasn't getting that part very well but it was fun. Ever notice most MA's like pain. We also did a few techniques with a partner. I don't know what they were called. Anyways onto the questions.
Is training dangerous? I can survive some pain
I always had bruises from karate and it didn't bother me, just part of the training.
But dying! In Class! never occured to me when I was in karate . I have been reading posts on this forum for a few days and I looked at some older ones and it was about getting killed in training. I'm assuming it doesn't happen all that much or there wouldn't be too many people doing it, but is it something to beware of each time you are in the dojo. How will I know if the sensei is concerned with his students saftey? How long do you practise breakfalls and rolls before people start throwing you around? Or do people throw you when you are learning breakfalls? My exposure to aikido was minute so I know absolutely nothing on how a beginner is taught. Also I cannot do even a forward somersault will I be able to learn how to roll? Is a roll in aikido the same as a somersault? Sorry to write such a lengthy piece I never was good at outlines. By the way we only have one aikido dojo near us and unless I see something really bad there I plan to go so could some of you give me and idea of what to expect and what to look for?
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