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Bruce Baker
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Short staff or spear?

You know, whenever I see replies that try to explain history, or why we have certain weapons, I wonder if staff fighting, spear fighting, and other weapons can be attributed to one single source?

Being able to adapt, integrate, and overcome the obsticles of is sometimes dependant upon the need for innovation because of the situation?

A tall walking stick from a Scottish man is a walking stick, but the same stick from a japanese man is a spear or a jo, or from a chinese man can be either?

I always remember what my first teacher said, "You should be able to fight with or without the weapon, it is merely an extension of yourself."

So, if we learn from lessons of all who have tried to teach us something of their years of practice, it merely becomes a moot point it it came from this or that? How effective is it now, and how does it help you now?

I am impressed by so many of you giving direct quotes and accurate history, but sooner or later practice will answer more questions than trying to pinpoint everything to the Japanese Empire, which is part the entire world, isn't it?

( I have a great respect for the Japanese people and those who have shared their martial arts, and culture, but there is a big world out there to learn from?)
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