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Re: VOE: Training/Teaching Focuses

This September will be my 25th year. The first 16 were under the guidance of Mits Yamashita Sensei and since July of 2000 with Amos Parker Sensei. I don't believe that my training ever went down the wrong path though at times I do wonder if my initial reasons for starting aikido were mis-guided though. I believe my first teacher prepared me well in being able to adjust and change things under my new teacher. I consider myself extremely blessed having the two teachers that I do.

As for teaching, I find that over the last several years I had to change and adapt as compared to the way I trained. I find I can't train folks the way I was taught. Well the majority that is. So I've relied on watching my current teacher in action during clinics to see what secrets I can pick up. Then make the appropriate adjustments as needed.

I've also chilled out a bit when it comes to the youth class. I use to push them to perfection in the same manner as the adults. Then my daughters enlightened me about reality. One thing I've learned is to listen more and not to expect everyone to get it right the second time. All 3 of my girls progress differently and at their own pace. The standards are still high, but not so strict.

As for focus, always on the basics as taught within my organization, the Yoshinkan. One thing that has changed from my first dojo to my dojo is I spend more time on those basics. Meaning, more repetitions and attention to detail. I've found in my own training and practice this has helped my own technique, though I still consider myself an infant as compared to my two teachers.
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