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Bruce Baker
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Question Running Away/ Aikido?

Is running away Aikido? Good Question!

What is the relevence of the situation?

Is it a moral, or social dilemma you are willing to die for? Or something that will work itself out even if it leaves your ego bruised and hurting?

The reason Martial Arts came into being was injustice and inequities by larger stronger people over smaller people giving tactical advantage to the smaller person. It isn't stressed by all teachers in each class, but you must do what ever it takes to preserve your well being to live.

Rule one: We do not fight unless we have to. If you always remember rule one, then very rarely will you have to fight.

Rule two: If we must fight, we do not fight for material gains, or our own glorification.

Fits right in with Aikido, doesn't it? Problem is, the hormones of youth sometimes overcome reason so the imagination see's hero's and MA characters out of some movie script ... until reason of middleage to old age sets in, if you live that long!

That is the difficulty of clear mind, clear thoughts in this particular decision? What do you see in front of you?

On the whole, if in your heart you know no good will come of fighting, walking away is the option. You may have to pick your spot with something more serious, but then that is why we train? To support the morally correct freedom of our society, so there are more of us who endorse it than those who would destroy or create kaos, isn't it?

If it isn't, maybe we should do as O'Sensei suggests ... bring many of the troublemakers into the Aikido circle so that practice will wear away the roughness, polish the spirit, and help to make them a productive part of humanity. (something like that...)

Walk away?

If you know in your heart it is the right thing to do, and especialially if you know you could win but still walk away, yeah, I would call that Aikido.
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