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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

Thanks for the post guys...interesting stuff. Don, as usual, you explain the filters and priorities that I too put weight on, which makes this difficult for me to take in, as I too follow the same basic thought process as you on this. It has to be demonstrated in a way that is somewhat usuable.

Frankly I get confused as to the what the focus of all this is. Seems like we go through a pattern here. Proponents (those that have jumped on the bandwagon creep slowly to the fact that this is very useful...then those that say, "then why don't we see this in UFC, or in an aliveness environment ..then there is shift in definition, or a failure to define parameters...and then I am left scratching my head trying to figure out how to frame this once again.

The weight lifting thread kinda bugged me, but I refrained as I had not much positive to add. My thoughts were if weight lifing, defined core strength development, is not important, then why can I pretty much predict who will win a fight based on physical appearance 80% of the time? Also, we are we not seeing these mushy soft guys in UFC. I sort of see Justin's point, but in a slightly different way.

So, I remain confused as to the value this training might have.

That said, I will refrain from being negative until I get involved with these guys and work through my issues on my own account. I do think they have warranted enough respect and demonstrated ability through reputation to warrant spending time with...that should be enough for anyone that is genuinely interested at improving or getting better.

I will admit in my years of experience that EVERYONE that I have ever ended up studying with I was wrong about in my initial assessment. I avoided BJJ for years based on my own ignorance, and avoided other things as I must assume that this too will be very useful based on my history of being wrong in this area!

I think the conversations are good here, and I think this is worthwile, I simply think that many are putting too much faith or time into learning these things...when there are other things that are very fundamental to being a good martial artist...if that is your goal.

I use the same logic with body builders. I can't understand why someone would spend all there time developing their body only for the sake of developing their body. too me weight lifting is a tool to condition you to do other things. I view these skills in the same boat...they must be additive to your practice and not what your practice has become simply for the sake of learning them...but to eaches own

...just don't call yourself a MMA guy or say that these things are useful in MMA if you can't demonstrate it.

Again, good discussion.

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