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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

Don Magee wrote: View Post
So for me, it is cool to see a demo that some guy can do something like this, but until I get to spar one of them, I can't see how it will help me at all.
Yeah, but Don, you're highlighting one of the continuing problems with these discussions... people just don't understand the subject, so they make comments that, well, show that they don't understand the topic.

The "Combat Ki" guys I used to see on Okinawa sometimes years ago. What happened was that some guy got hold of some very limited aspects of the pressure-conditioning that is common in some of the southern Shaolin arts. The kokyu stuff Dan, Ushiro, Abe, etc., is talking about is the jin-related stuff. The pressure-stuff is an offshoot of the breathing practices. Essentially it builds up pressure and fascial conditioning, but often in an extreme way (like I said, there are variants and wild permutations of this stuff because it's a big topic). The combat-ki guys that I've seen lately tend to be somewhat lardy guys that can take blows to the body, but their actual fighting skills are low; their knowledge of the kokyu/ki stuff is zip.

And BTW.... a large percentage of those guys have hemorrhoids and are stroke-prone from the silly way they use pressure. There's nothing as dangerous as a *little* knowledge.


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