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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

I can't figure out if your baiting, dumb, or you just can't read.
Did you miss
All the posts about ex Navy Boxers, MMA, With BJJ, Judo, collegiate wresttlers, as well as guys who were canditating for UFC.etc.
Did you miss
Rob's posts about messing with shoot fighters, Judo guys pride qualifiers and BJJers.
Did you miss
The comments about "static testing" for training only but that it isn't the real skills?
Did you miss
The men training being shown why they are doing things and where it comes into play in movement and fighting. Why? Because they were shown with me moving and them trying to "actively" throw me or hit me.

No, I don't think you missed it. I think you are ignoring it. Since you ignore that and keep throwing out these one liners -I have reduced your behaviour to the Aikiwebb troll.
There are about a dozen guys here you could question in detail, and get answers directly (as they didn't believe it either till they felt it) then you can challenge their judgement as well-all from the safety of your keyboard.
Why is that you and others like you never approach them? You'd have few choices.
1.Why not ask them about moving and throwing in an active environment since you seem to be so curous to kerep bringing it up.
2. Why not ask them about trying to hit me boxing style and what it felt like to try?
3. Ask them what it feels like to go for a single or double leg shoot?
4. Aske them how effective any attempt at entering was
Ask Justin
They are right here.........

You would have to call them all collectively: liars, fools, men unable to judge, or insult them by calling them "Acolytes" like one fellow here did.
There's no where to go with that line of logic, and you won't dare show up in person.
The people here asked- I opened the door to folks from here. The response has been both consistent and positive. The credibility has been answered.
I think your real issues are transparent. You are intellectually disshonest. The information is there and you ignore it to troll.
I think the people here took your suggestion.
They did "use their brains."
Perhaps you should take your own advice.

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