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Re: Internal Power in your Aikido

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
If you're a beginner and you're doing two hours a day spread out over ten minutes here or there that's actually not so good. It's far more beneficial to set aside significant blocks of time where you can concentrate and burn-in the connections. Blocks of time will gve you chances to feel and focus far better then stolen moments, Then the greater your body understands the more you move with a new awaeness. And that becomes part of you 24/7. Then all day long- while moving- your body talks to you and you demand of it. So getting up from a couch turning around a corner, opening doors, picking up things or bumping into someone are whole new things.
If you are still doing martial arts if someone doesn't notice in a couple of ain't doing it right. If it's been six months and they haven't noticed- get a teacher. After a couple of years most MA people should be stumped at having to deal with you.
Just to put things in perspective, I got to meet Tim. And for only having started these exercises a short while ago 6months I think?
he had a great feel to him. But I agree, once you get a grasp on the training exercises, you have to push yourself occasionally.

I often tell guys to start small on the solo exercises, building up a habit to do them everyday. If I were to choose between doing 2 hours 3 times a week, or 10-15 minutes twice a day everyday I'd pick the latter. As the connections burn in you can build up to doing concentrated tanren sessions that last 2 hours or more <gulp>.

Frankly, I'm a lazy bastard, and it's a good thing that at a minimum I was forced to have a concentrated 2 hour session twice a week. Then my own training didn't feel quite so bad and I'd force myself to increase the density and length of my own practice.

Funny annecdote, I was just cornering for one of my shooto friends at a fight he had yesterday. After the fight, we were sitting down in a soba stall, and since he kept on bitchign to me about "well I still dont get how come you punch so hard? Is it how use the lats etc?"
So I had my girl (small Japanese girl, loves shiny things, Louis Vitton, Chritian Dior, dyed hair, manicured nails, 109, high heels, barely tips the scale at 100lb) punch him in his pecs. First she did a "girly" punch, and I was like, oh cmon' do the one you always do, when you're pissed at me, you know? the one where you focus on your back?" and she punched him again girly like...onlly this time it hit hard enough that he got rocked back into the wall of the shop.
The look on his face was priceless

Anyways, just goes to show that even a little bit, done dilligently everyday can have an effect.
Even for a 100lb 109 gyaru

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