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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

Robert John wrote: View Post
Sure that's like talking about your instructor Tim Cartmell over here in Japan
Most BJJers over here would be like..."who dat??? "
Same thing dude. That doesn't mean that Tim isn't accomplished or skilled, or doesn't have internal skills. Simply means that no one over here has met/heard of him.
The same thing goes for yourself and Dan, Mike or Ark.
Not me, Bub. Ask Michiko, Tomiko, or any of the ko-sisters. They've all heard of me.
Wushu performers are excellent athletes, they also practice "martial arts." Does that mean they possess the skills that Mike, Dan or Ark have? (Even the training methods look similar to what we do externally)
Uh. No. And that's pretty cut and dry.
(And that's from experience, having met/felt people, not talking out of my ass)
I know you've met people, Rob, and so have I. There are a lot of clueless people, but there are also a LOT of people that have a clue but don't say much. The Hong Kong Sanda (San Shou Tao) team went to Szechuan Province to show the mainland Chinese team how skilled was Wing Chun and other staples of Hong Kong martial arts. The average bout lasted 13 seconds. Let's be careful about how "unknown" a lot of this information is.


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