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Mike Sigman
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Re: Internal Power in your Aikido

Paul Nowicki wrote: View Post
Can someone Dan or Mike, give some us real newbies an excercise or two to try? solo excercises or partnered ones?
OK, get a "push broom", a broom with a wide horizontal head of bristles attached to a long handle. Place the wooden head of the push broom across your hips at the hip joint and the tip of the handle on your partners chest (suitably padded so it doesn't hurt his chest). Then walk forward across the room pushing your partner back with just your hips pushing the broom into his chest. Notice how it is just your hips pushing.

Then go back to the starting point and get rid of the broom. Put your hand on your partner's chest, and then walk forward pushing him back across the room pushing him with your hips and the imaginary balloon.... your hand on his chest is simply the tip of the handle that was on his chest before.


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