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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
I'm willing to go so far as to say you spontaneously came up with some spectacular stuff, but then we haven't seen you do anything.
1. I can guaran-freakin-tee you it wasn't spontaneous, but IMO it is spectacular.

2. You say "we haven't seen you do anything". Who exactly is we? I've seen and more importantly felt it and he has it. So have a number of folks from all over the country, many of whom even post here or on the other forums. Many of whom have also posted their experiences with him.

Or should I say the vast majority of us haven't seen you do anything. I know there is lots hearsay, about this fellow or that who has seen you, but I don't know any of these people, neither does any one else.
My suggestion is if you are looking for a measure of Dan's skills (or Mike's, or Rob's, etc.) and you are not willing to accept opinions from us folks who have but decades of aikido training, then you go see/feel for yourself. If travelling to him isn't something you are willing to do, then you'll never get the answer you claim to be looking for.

You've heard the story of Ueshiba Sensei going to challenge Takeda Sensei to see if he really had something. I'm told that's how it was done in the old days. Budo men would travel far and wide, issue challenges, and engage in martial combat, in search of [superior] skills to add to their own. The ones who didn't have it sought out the ones who did have it......not the other way around.

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