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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Even your greatest proponent Mike Sigman hasn't met you. At least Mike as written some books, and been editor on this or that thing. When I ask other internal martial artists who Mike is, they know. But you, no one seems to know who you are.
Sorry, but if you'll check past postings, I'm not a proponent of Dan's at all. I keep my distance. I understand generally what he does, based on descriptions from a number of different sources (including some of his own sometimes grandiose ones), and the probability is unavoidable that he does and understands some of what the subject topic is. I.e., he has support for his credentials in this discussion. So far, you don't. I'm interested in hearing some of your descriptions of how things work, other than "Oh yeah, I do that, too".

Knowing that the "Oh yeah" posts would be showing up, I posted something in advance about it some time ago in a post directly discussion "Oh yeahs". The only way to get around the problem that so many people are running into is to simply get into the "how to" conversation and show their knowledge. Nothing else will do it; not even claiming that Dan, Mike, Ushiro, Tohei, Rob, and others are rude for talking about something that some teachers don't seem to know, for some reason. So far I have nine teachers that are committed "Oh Yeahs" until they step up to the pump. Or, to put it another way... it's easy to take a shot at someone's personality, their posting-style, or their personal attributes rather than simply lay it out that someone either knows or doesn't know a subject like ki/kokyu/jin. But it would be a lot better if the subject were discussed rather than diverting the thread to another tawdry personality-focused discussion.


Mike Sigman
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