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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I've never met the man who said that-who had a clue. In fact everyone every, single, one acknowledged they were dealing with something unknown to them.
Dan, what are you talking about here? Every single who? Every one who said internal is natural? Who is the "every, single, one"??

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
In and of itself-it proves you don't understand internal skills so you relegate them to what you see.
Dan, what are you talking about here? "In and of itself" what? It proves it because of the "every, single, one"? I'm not following your line of logic.

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
You should go meet someone who instead of saying they got it-actually does.
If ever I've heard a case of, "pot calling the kettle black", this is it. Someone who simply "says they have it", Dan that's your life story. Google your name, then Google one of my teachers. From the results you get who is more likely the one simply "saying they have it"?

You talk an a lot Dan. But who are your teachers? Who are your students? Where is your School? What rank do you have in ANYTHING? What organizations do you belong to. What have you publicly accomplished?

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