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Bruce Baker
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naming techniques? RE.

The only reason express teaching in the mother language of a particular country, is that the human brain learns to think in the terms of one's mother tongue, and, even when learning another language, translates thoughts into a mother tongue before translating words.

There are a very small percentage of people who can think in other languages, but the poor grammar, accent, and placement of descriptive adjetives prooves otherwise. (let alone bad spelling, mine included, because of stealing words from other languages over the centurys?)

I do not wish to disrespect the validity of the Japanese culture, I have a number of college credits in japanese and chinese history studies, but if this type of teaching helps us to get there a bit quicker with understanding, let's do it!

If numbering your techniques works for you with subtitles, do it. So long as you can communicate what you are learning, have learned, and will learn with proper thought and action ... you might not need to speak at all?
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