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Bruce Baker
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Dead Language unknown?

There us no way to instantly learn language, customs, and methods of another culture, but we try, none the less.

Like some of the other trees who practice Aikido, sometimes my head is as thick as me arms, legs, and middle aged Buddha belly? So, don't force your brain to strain, it will become second nature as time passes.

One, two, three, four ... ich, ni, san, shee will find their way into your brain and be second nature. You might even sometimes use them by mistake in daily life.

In the meantime, immitate! It is the sincerest form of flattery, isn't it?

Just having fun getting into the flow of movement will be enough work. Sometimes I think that we cover the basics too much, as every couple of weeks our instructor goes back to basics when he see's sloppiness by some of us trying to get to the pin too fast without taking time to appreciate the beginning and middle of a technique. We can't all videotape each pratice, but watching a class always helps allign the mind.

Many times, because of balance illness, I am forced to stop in the middle of the class because the room is spinning, but then as I get level and get caught up on what the class is doing, I see figure eight, also infinity symbol, or the circular movement, or the rowing motion, or the whip motion that we try to use to describe the many of the hand movements in techniques.

My language of japanese terms still isn't what it should be, but putting together different body areas, simple numbers, and doing them thousands of times will make it happen.

Then some fool will describe them in another language, and your brain will explode ... just kidding?

Start with one, two, three, entering, and rotary throw ... the rest will come.

Have Fun!
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