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Mike Sigman
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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

George.... not just in this thread, but in a number of other previous threads also, go back and count how many people are "already doing this stuff". Bear in mind that some of the people visiting with Dan also asserted they were "already doing this stuff". Not to disparage, but just to make an observation, the "Hidden in Plain Sight" part of a lot of this is affected by the fact that there are too many "full cups", not only in Aikido, but many other arts, as well.

Even though I felt completely sure that I knew within reasonable parameters what Ushiro Sensei was doing, I made the trip to go see, just in case there was something new that I hadn't seen. Even though I have worked out a many Ki-Society dojo's in the past (out of that same curiosity), I still went to see Shaner Sensei in order to see what he did. I picked up some useful items and thought-starteres. Even though Rob and I have corresponed on the internet, we still made long trips in order to check out each others stuff. We both picked up new ideas and perspectives. If you're really a martial artist and curious to keep improving, you make the effort. It's a waste of time talking to the people with cups that are already full..... but they're the same ones who came to dominate Aikido for too long and who put Aikido in a position where so many are saying "wait a minute.... something must be missing". It's not only Hidden in Plain Sight, it's Ignored When it's in Plain Sight.


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