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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

I told you about Tim's site because I'm not going to put words in the mans mouth, if you want to know about him, ask him.

If you want to know about me ask me. You said you "thought Tim would be using this stuff in his ground work", I told you to ask him.

As for me, I use this stuff in everything I do. It's good body use. It's also common and natural.

I'm always up to be proven wrong. But no one is stepping up to the plate to prove me wrong. I hear a lot of talk but that's it. Sure maybe there is a chance you all are doing something I don't comprehend. But it's not apparent to me in the videos I see of Akuzawa, or Ushiro, or your video's Rob. I don't see any of you doing anything unique.

If any of you get near me, I'll go see you. Other then that, I've trained with some great martial artists, and been in several fights organized and not, this is where my opinions stem from.

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