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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Tim would likely be the first to tell you that Bjj guys do the same thing internal guys do.

I don't know what terminology you are using with "torque the insides".

I don't really care how my stuff "looks" on the outside. I just care if it takes little effort and has big results. It does.
That's a pretty big statement to make...
I've rolled with BJJ blacks over here that've never felt this stuff before. Maybe Pete can chime in on his experiences (who trained with the a4Mbar g0d Rickson Gracie himself back in the day? )
(I've got several good annecdotes involving Carlson Gracie having a run-in with some DRAJJ guy with a bit of this skill at a seminar )
Sure a lot of the good rollers they have great posture when they're on the ground, know how to use the kua(pelvic region) to balance themselves etc (its a wonder it goest to #"%t when they stand up), but using more complicated internal movements on the ground...I'd have to say I'm more skeptical on that.
I've never felt it before.

If I were you, I'd set a small portion within you that says maybe, just maybe you haven't gotten the whole picture yet

As for torquing the insides, put simply I mean, if you were to Torque the lower body connection (the arch running along the inside of the knees connected to the tailbone/mingmen and tanden) against the upper body connection (the cross that was mentioned), with the spine as the axis, you can get some pretty potent destabilizing power to put into kicks/strikes without any windup. You can wholly commit without committing. Has a bonus of bouncing strikes back to your opponent as well.

And as for your PM, there's no need to refer me to Tim's site, you decided to put yourself on the spot, so its probably best you try and answer what you do to the best of your abilities

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