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Re: Internal Power in your Aikido

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My previous question for Dan (in the previous post) was important because it relates to the various levels of 'ki tests' that exist in Koichi Tohei derived teaching. I asked him those questions because they will explain what it is he does (and others have witnessed him doing so I quite happily believe them and him),
I'm guessing from his descriptions and those of others that it sounds like he's doing stuff at the equivalent level of shoden or maybe chuden in ki development (maybe higher it's not possible to say without meeting him), but that he applies it in different ways than are typically done in ki society circles (i.e. aikido waza, whereas Dan probably does Vale Tudo type stuff), and is probably in a lot better physical shape than many aikidoka (physical fitness and strength makes a difference, but not like you're likely to think it would IMHO).

Think I might have made it onto Dan's ignore list though


FWIW I don't ignore you I just don't like reading the insults and characterizations you pepper your posts with. Nor do enjoy responding to you as I see you as baiting me.
I also don't like debating on the internet with folks who clearly don't have equal skills arguing with me over what I can or can't do. It's boring, I have to be in the mood.

Uhm....your previous posts about tests like
"walking into me?"

How about 310 pound 6.3" MMA guy pile-driving into me one after another for half an hour. WIth me standing there? about a Holy Cross defensive end trying to slam me into the lockers?
Uhm...Collegiate wresttlers trying to take me down?
Power lifters at the gym while I stand there looking at them?

Ki tests?
Lets see. Today at a mini-seminar with folks from right here I had guys pushing on my chest while I stood on leg and then went up on my toes.
Then pushing on my head with me on my toes on one leg, then pushing on my back in between my shoulders with me up on my toes. There were losts of people in the room.
We also showed a training method for "giving up" structure and being overcome backwards on one one foot. You are stretched out and ready to fall over with a fellow pushing you over on your chest. I had new guys learning how to recover from that. Then some repeat guys learning to handle moving attacks themselves.
I don't really see them as meaningfull. I like moving and fighting as a better test anyway

Lost track of fighting with takedown resistense, lock resistence, and power strikes and kicks.

Why not talk about

This stuff is in Aikido
Men who've trained with Ushiro, Mike, Rob or me keep coming back and training and they....claim it's relevant to aikido.
Can teach this stuff and pass it on.

I think that's more interesting then another debate over whether or not it CAN be done.

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