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Re: Crazy Ki demonstration by Barrish Sensei

That looked a little impossible to me also! How could anyone throw a ball of energy across the room and have someone fall and roll across the floor? I would like to experience the training so that I can make up my own mind.

Also, doesn't lining up against someone to test your skills as a fighter go against the nature of what we are learning in Aikido? Isn't it "The Art of Peace" and not "The Test of Wills"?

And it does take a trained UKE. As uke of our training is to pursue Nage, no static training is involved. As uke, If I stop acting as the aggressor the conflict naturally resolves itself. If on the other hand I continue to pursue - even mentally - I am off balance and will experience the waza, through touch or no touch.

This also means that nage must be involved and perform the technique correctly. If not kaeshi occurs and the rolls reverse.
O'Sensei said that technique can be harsh or gentle.

Sensei Anderson is aware of these postings and as a demonstration performed randori with a blindfold on, then the rest of our practice was done with our eyes closed. It was his attempt to have us feel the attack before it occured. It was interesting to experience, even though I was completely ineffective.
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